The Private Forestry Programme – Panda Miti Kibiashara (PFP) is a bilateral Programme between the Governments of Tanzania and Finland. The Programme aims at increasing rural income in the Southern Highlands area of Tanzania through developing sustainable plantation forestry and value addition. One of the main objectives is to support private plantation establishment with the priority on small holder owners, who will also be supported by assisting them in their efforts to establish Tree Growers’ Associations (TGAs) to gain group benefits when entering timber markets. To ensure the future forest plantation management quality, the Programme has an extensive capacity building plan, targeting all levels of the forest product value chain from growers to sawmilling enterprises. Capacity building will also target employment issues in the Southern Highlands’ forestry sector. 

AgriCord is a global alliance of agri-agencies mandated by farmers' organisations. Since 2007 AgriCord implements the Farmers Fighting Poverty Programme. Over 200 farmers' organisations per year are supported in more than 50 developing countries. Farmers FIghting Poverty is a delivery mechanism established in 2007 by which support is provided to farmers' organisations. 

Vision: Strengthening farmers’ organisations and cooperatives is a necessary condition for economic, social and political development. The theory of change[1] of Farmers Fighting Poverty builds on the vision that farmers’ associations and cooperatives will contribute to more democratic societies (better institutions and dialogue), to higher economic growth (more and better services and products) and to a more equal and more inclusive distribution of income and wealth (increasing involvement of smallholder farmers, particularly women and youth).

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